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Upgrading, lighting, devices, or your electrical panel can increase efficiency and safety, while saving lost time and money.

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With over 30 years of combined service experience, our trained and certified electricians are ready to solve all your electrical needs.

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We seek to offer exceptional service and with the 24/7 Electric Advantage®, we are changing the way you feel about having a service professional in your home.

Making upgrades to the components of your electrical system is inevitable. Adding a circuit for a new appliance or installing energy-efficient lighting, are all upgrades that benefit you, your home, and the environment.

With increased demand on the electrical grid, being more efficient saves money on the ever-increasing costs of electricity. Upgrading old lighting to energy-efficient LEDs, putting in a home automation system, installing dimmers, timers, and occupancy sensors, are all ways to reduce your power consumption.

More than just environmental responsibility, upgrading your electrical system can increase stability and improve safety. New electrical components and products are designed with modern electrical needs in mind.

Appliances and electronics are more sophisticated than ever. Many have increased power needs that traditionally your home was not designed to provide. By upgrading circuits or adding a new circuits, our electricians make it possible for your home to grow with your changing lifestyle. 

Advancing technology can make planning for future electrical requirements seem like a daunting task. Collaborating closely with suppliers and innovators, our electricians stay on top of the latest advancements and work to provide solutions for homeowners’ future needs.

Home enhancements, like air conditioning or the addition of a hot tub, can easily increase a home’s electrical load beyond capacity. This can cause nuisance tripping or failures within a homes electrical system. While upgrading the service to your home may not always be possible, there are other ways to regulate the power demands on your system.

Changes in electrical flow controls and regulators are making it possible for homeowners to take advantage of the latest and greatest without sacrificing function or stability.

As the world changes, so does 24/7 Electric™. We will continue to provide the solutions homeowners need. 

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From booking to beyond you are covered. 24/7 Electric friendly team members are here to answer your questions and book you a scheduled appointment. No matter your installation needs our experienced Electricians are ready to take care of all your electrical needs.

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Electrical repair is a skill we feel we have mastered. Diagnosing a problem is not always as simple as tightening a connection or changing a switch.


We have the expertise and experience needed to get the job done right! With a variety of products at our disposal, we can install anything electrical safely.


The average home has $15,000-$25,000 in appliances, security, and electronics. Maintaining your electrical system reduces downtime and saves money.


Making upgrades to the components of your electrical system is inevitable. Take advantage of the latest and greatest without sacrificing.

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The 24/7 Electric Team™ prides itself on educating our customers. In our education and how-to series, you can find all you need and more to keep the heart of your home running smoothly.

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When is it time to change your Electrical Panel?

It's a question that no one likes to ask, but we all think about it from time to time. Is it time for me to replace my electrical panel? No one knows the answer better than a certified electrician! There are a few signs that might indicate your electrical panel is on its last leg and needs replaced.

Why are my lights flickering?

We often get calls from customers asking why their lights are flickering. This can be normal because of inclement weather or can be caused by a breakdown in your electrical system.

Why have I lost power in part of my home?

Common power loss issues come from tripped breakers, short circuits, overloaded circuits, or tripped GFCI circuits.

Why do I need an electrician?

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24/7 Electric is pleased to announce we are authorized dealers of Gemstone® Lights.

Our trained installers are licensed and insured, ready to enhance your home with permanent outdoor LED lighting. The hidden track design is easily secured to the fascia or soffit and the sleek low voltage HUB is installed on the exterior of the home. 

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