Panel Upgrade

Being without power can be frustrating and overwhelming. With our years of experience we are able to upgrade a panel with minimal down time.

  • Date: 12 April 2018
  • Location: Gilbert, AZ
  • Project Type: Electrical Panel Upgrade

About this Project

It is never convenient when the heart of you home stops beating. This 32 year old electrical panel had a few indications that it should have been changed earlier. Melted wiring, worn out breakers from nuisance tripping were the primary causes. 

  • Aged passed 25 years
  • Poor Yearly Maintenance
  • Over Loaded Circuits
  • Outdated Safety Features

When we received a call from this homeowner the power to the entire house was out. Without electricity, they were in dire need of help and so our electrician got dispatched immediately.

The team examined the electrical panel and discovered that because of its age, it was wearing down quickly. Due to this wear and signs of overheating, we recommended upgrading the whole electrical panel. 

To ensure power is restored promptly, this work is orchestrated to be completed in 6-8hr time frame. While changing out this panel the electrician addressed and re-ran a damaged circuit to the dishwasher. 

Once the Eaton panel had been installed all circuits were tied into the appropriate breakers and labeled.

Power was restored and all circuits were tested. All was operating as expected and the homeowner was happy with the efficient service.

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