DIY Electrical

Making things work for “right now” costs you more in the end.

  • Date: September 2021
  • Client: Victoria, BC
  • Project Type: Repairing DIY Electrical

About this Project

Homeowners with skills and talents can easily complete renovations and maintenance tasks around the home. Installing a new faucet is an easy project while doing your own electrical work may cause damage if done incorrectly! Common issues we see:

  • Improper installation, causing a direct short
  • Double tapping a breaker
  • Incorrect grounding and bonding
  • Not following electrical code
Buried Panel NW Calgary

 DIY Electrical can seem simple and making something work for “Right Now” usually causes problems later.

There are many “How-To” videos, but they don’t takin into consideration your electrical system or what how many hands have made DIY modifications over the years.

Most issues are caused because there is a lack of knowledge on installation and electrical code changes. Replacing a kitchen outlet now is different than 10 years ago, because of safety changes in the design of a 20amp outlet. Improper installation of a kitchen outlet can cause a direct short, adding an additional circuit to a breaker can cause arcing or failure, or worse a catastrophic failure.  

Don’t put yourself or your family at risk, call Victoria’s premier electricians. 778-557-1519.


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