Outdoor LED Lighting

Enhance your home with custom LED outdoor lighting and never hang temporary lights for any occasion again. 

Cloud Based Control

Design, style and operate your outdoor lighting from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Not just for Christmas

Enhance architectural features, increase security, show your game day spirit and more. Your imagination is the only limitation.

True Colour

Gemstone® lighting has RGB-WW technology, ensuring  a true warm white.

Never climb a ladder again with this permanent outdoor LED lighting, made by Gemstone®, this product is second to none in design and function.

The powder-coated, low-key color match aluminum track is designed for durability and to withstand the elements.

Protecting the RGB-WW LED lamps, the aluminum track is installed under the soffit, making this track virtually invisible during the day. Each lamp clips securely into perfectly spaced sections of the track and are individually linked with compression fit connections.

Everything from easy maintenance to safety, have been taken into consideration in this engineered outdoor lighting system.

Surge protection, individual links, a Cloud-based Hub, and a user-friendly app gives you everything you need to dazzle your neighbors.

24/7 Electric Phoneix, is ready to enhance your home with this amazing permanent outdoor LED lighting.

High-quality aluminum track is custom ordered with a low-profile color match; to ensure every installation is a seamless addition to any home. This outdoor LED lighting system is designed and tested to meet all ETL, UL and CSA certification requirements.

Individually wired and UV protected, these outdoor LED lights are connected with compression fittings to ensure a watertight seal. The low maintenance design gives years of enjoyment without ever having to climb a ladder again.

Christmas holiday lighting is only the beginning of what this lighting has to offer, every occasion, every event, every moment.

 See how we can enhance your home today!

Outdoor Permanent Lighting

All the dazzle and none of the hassle. Stop messing with, ladders, bulbs and the rat nest of wires, year after year. Now you can set it and forget it with permanent, outdoor LED lighting. Highlight your homes architectural features, brighten any occasion and enhance security, the skies the limit and your imagination the only limitation.

Be Creative

  • Christmas Outdoor Lighting
  • Architectural Highlights
  • Sports Day Boost
  • Halloween Fright Show
  • Independence Day
  • Community Support
  • Social Awareness
  • Security Enhancements
  • Special Days
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Every Occasion, Every Moment, Every Event

24/7 Advantage®

  • Certified Installation
  • 5 Year Installation Warranty
  • 5 Year Product Warranty
  • Code Guarantee
  • Safety Promise
  • Scheduled Appointment
  • No-Obligation Estimate
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Monthly Payment Options
  • Earn you Lights – Ask Us How!
  • Certified, Verified &  Reviewed


  • True Warm White
  • Cloud-Based Control
  • Waterproof Connections 
  • Low-profile Colour Matching
  • UL Certified
  • 140° Beam Angle
  • 50,000hr Bulb Life
  • 4 Channel Output
  • Individual Light Control
  • Surge Protection
  • Timers

About this Process

24/7 Electric LLC  is ready to dazzle your home with our latest product offering. Gemstone® permanent lights are the hottest outdoor LED lighting on the market today. How can you enhance your home today:


  • Schedule a no-obligation estimate
  • Choose your payment option
  • Schedule your install
  • Protect your investment with our advantage
  • Set your colors and patterns
  • Sit back and enjoy!


Fianancing Options

Every project has a budget and 24/7

Electric has budget-friendly options for

you to enhance your home. Level up

your outdoor lighting, there is no need

to wait to dazzle your neighbors, ask us

how today!


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24/7 Electric is pleased to announce we are authorized dealers of Gemstone® Lights.

Our trained installers are licensed and insured, ready to enhance your home with permanent outdoor LED lighting. The hidden track design is easily secured to the fascia or soffit and the sleek low voltage HUB is installed on the exterior of the home. 

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